What does hip-hop mean to you?

What does hip-hop mean to you? Usually a question reserved as the cliche go-to for interviewing rappers, I decided to broaden the spectrum a bit. I asked people from various backgrounds and walks of life, and these are the answers I received:


DJ Delz (IG: @DJDelz)- Pain on tracks. Tough lyrics over dope beats. None of the mumble rap bs that's out now. Actual bars.


Jonah Kue (IG: @JonahKue)- Hip hop is an incomparable form of expression. It began as a voice for the most disenfranchised people in America, and though it's grown to spread into a variety of different sub-categories, the heart of that never goes away. That's why it's the most emotive form and the most culturally enriching and relevant genre of contemporary music today.


Myself (IG: @SneakGeek87)- Hip-hop to me has always been about telling a story. It's about an artist expressing them self, what they're feeling, and what they're going through. To me it's always been a way to hear great stories about real life shit.



So, what does hip-hop mean to you? Hit us up on twitter (@PRIVEILifestyle) and let us know, you may be featured in a future post.