Born X Raised

Born x Raised was founded by Spanto and 2Tone in 2013. The idea of Born x Raised came to Spanto while he was in prison. The idea is inspired by Spanto’s home town of Venice and his frustration of how he saw everything that he loved about the city changing. Born x Raised was Spanto’s way of protecting and preserving the history of the city he was born and raised in.  Born x Raised uses bold graphics and designs inspired by its west coast heritage. Spanto claims he doesn’t pull inspiration from anything as Born x Raised is a reflection of his true self and where he’s lived. The brand is fully authentic to its core.  Born x Raised has gained a strong celebrity-driven following and has grown into an established streetwear brand. Notable collaborations can be seen with Converse, Babylon, 424 and more. We at Privei are Proud to offer B X Raised inshore and online at .