It’s hard to research CLOT without coming across their ‘Bridging the gap between East and West’ mantra that they are rightfully proud of. The East has a lengthy history with streetwear that dates back to Japan in the early 1990s when pioneers like Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nigo and Jun Takahashi, as well as a host of other names, began paving their own way. With a fascination for Western, but particularly American, pop culture, style and music, they interpreted this with their own identity and forged a new visual language. This cohabitation of crossing cultures brought to life the differences and few similarities East and West heritage possess, creating a bridge for the future between the two.

With that in mind, Yang Lui’s East meets West infographic series shows the discrepancies of life from either end of the globe; from sleeping patterns, transportation, social activities, to attitudes on property and public space. This is an ever-changing domain, but more recently the confluence of East and West - through difference - has played an integral part in shaping designers from Tokyo to London, and New York, while establishing sartorial nuances derivative of a whirlwind of different cultures.With timeless and sought after collaborations with brands like Nike and Bape Clot has cemented there place in contemporary streetwear culture.

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