Puma Select

Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, Puma is a German-based sportswear and sneaker lifestyle brand. Previously to starting Puma, Rudolf Dassler and his brother, Adolf Dassler, started the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. After having a falling out, both brothers went their separate ways to create their own companies. Adolf founded Adidas, while Rudolph founded “Ruda” which would later become Puma.  Dassler wanted the company to represent the characteristics of a puma; speed, strength, agility and endurance. The brand is recognized by their iconic formstrip, which resembles a pouncing Puma, that can be seen on a majority of all their footwear. In 1968, Puma expanded from just footwear into sportswear and bags. In 1973, New York Knicks point guard, Walt Frazier, became the first face of Puma in the NBA. They released a signature shoe, the Puma Clyde, which has become a staple across different subculture groups around the world. Besides from the formstrip, Puma’s “No. 1” logo was designed later in 1979 and is still one of the most recognizable logos today.  Puma has grown into one of the most recognizable and iconic sportswear brands in the industry. Notable collaborations can be seen with Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Rhianna, Big Sean and more. We at Privei are proud to call Puma a partner and have their latest collection available in-store and online at Privei.com