Chinatown Market

Chinatown Market was founded in 2016 by Michael Cherman. Previous to starting Chinatown Market, Cherman ran the brand ICNY, designed Kith’s famous box logo, and creatively helped with a multitude of other brands. Chinatown Market was inspired by the spirit of Canal Street New York City’s bootleg culture and is easily recognized by its smiley face logo. Chinatown Market uses whimsical graphics and bold colored tees for a unique streetwear aesthetic. The iconic smiley face logo comes from the classic smiley face that is found on shopping bags throughout New York. The iconic logo can be found on several accessories from basketballs to bags and is an official collaboration with The Smiley Company. The brand wants to represent positivity through its logo and graphics. Chinatown market strays away from limited-releases and has the goal to create a community in which everyone has access to be a part of it. Their collections feature t-shirts, graphics, accessories, and more Often shortened to “CTM",  We at Privei are proud to call Chinatown a partner and have their latest collection available in-store and online at